Scrum ... International Jobs and Scholarships week ending 26 November 2017

There was more than the usual interest in last week’s post especially on Twitter (wink: you can follow me @KnowCreate). Perhaps this is because with requirement and specification mapping within ‘Agile’ processes it is difficult to square the circles. The trick is neither big design up front (BDUF) nor zero design up front (ZDUF) but rather ‘enough’ design up front (EDUF). Balance is truly the key in this context. If I tried to lump the different streams of thought to one overarching question it would be: for cutting edge development (whether hardware, software or product), how do you combine the complexity and urgency of requirements with the rawness and instability of new technology? Two direct messages stood out. First was from a software developer. He seemed frustrated that his otherwise competent solution development team had an undeserved bad reputation due to the widely held belief that his team was incapable of solving let alone developing or delivering anything. Quick question…