Unleashing Creativity ... Global Scholarships & Job Opportunities for week ending 21 July

Until this past week I would not have considered myself super-creative. Just like everyone else I do have my moments when the need arises. One that easily comes to mind was the final pitch to secure funding for my PhD research at the University College London. After 2 unsuccessful attempts over 2 years, the aim of my final presentation to the Panel of Experts was to convince them that in a crowded field I deserved funding. My audience was a mix of distinguished academics and industry professionals so I tailored my talk accordingly. My presentation was simple, unexpected, concrete, credible and emotional, all wrapped in a good story. You can say that it had s.u.c.c.e.s (do you get?) written all over it! Why was this pitch creative? It stuck. I did not come across the book Made to Stick that explains the s.u.c.c.e.s model until 2 years later while at London Business School. This was divine inspiration and it worked.

 Well back to the story, this week I participated in an online worksho…