Digitization ... Global Jobs and Scholarships week ending 22 October 2017

No one can credibly claim to have missed the shift in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from personal computers (PC) to portable devices unless you happen to be Rip Van Winkle. This consumerization of ICT, best seen by the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices for both personal use and work, has increased the potential for digital disruption across many industries. Digital disruption occurs when digital technologies and business models cause a change in the value proposition of existing goods and services. Think Amazon, Netflix and Hulu Plus disrupting media and entertainment industries by changing how content is both accessed by consumers and monetized by advertisers. Other examples include SpaceX (space transport), Ant Financial (banking), Ebay (shopping), Airbnb (accommodation/hotels), Expedia (travel booking) and Lyft (ride hailing). The most successful spawn local competitors such as WakaNow (Expedia), Didi Kuaidi and BlaBlaCar (Lyft), Konga and Jumia (Ebay).